Super PileUp!

Super PileUp!

Super Pile Up! is a fun puzzle game with attractive colors and lots of levels
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Super Pile Up! is a fun puzzle game, where the objective is to clean the grid by removing off all the colored balls. Pile Up! is fun, non violent and all family members can play it.
Playing Super Pile Up! is really easy, the game mechanics resembles Tetris in a way; you will see the colored Balls falling in groups of three, and what you have to do is to pile them up in such a way to form clusters of four or more same-colored balls. If you manage to form a cluster, the balls will instantly disappear. Using the arrow keys, will let you rotate the group of balls to make them match its color. In each level you will find a certain number of balls which you have to destroy to advance in the game.

As you move on, the number of balls increase considerably and it becomes a real challenge to destroy them all, which makes the game more fun and thrilling. In addition to this, there are Bonus Levels to play, which are really exciting because you are given a limited time to destroy as many balls as you can and get the highest score possible.

Pile Up! is visually appealing, its graphics are really well-done, there are plenty of bright colors, and great animations that let you fully enjoy its game play. The music is cool and relaxing, and the sound effects are good as well. To sum up, Pile Up! is a highly recommended game, suitable for all ages.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Entertaining.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Visually attractive.
  • Lots of levels


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